English Honors Program

The English Honors Program provides an opportunity for students to study intensively with a full-time faculty member and a small group of dedicated fellow students, and to graduate with departmental honors. Admitted students take a two-semester senior seminar, conduct an original research project, complete an Honors exam, and present their research at a college-wide conference. Students with a grade-point average of 3.3 may apply for admission to the program. Interested students should meet with the faculty Chair of the program, Natalie Léger, as early as possible in their college careers. After satisfactory completion of the program requirements, Honors students who meet the requirements of the program graduate with Honors, High Honors, or Highest Honors, an accomplishment (marked on student transcripts) that is a decided asset in any future endeavor. The Honors Seminar This year’s seminar, taught by Professor Caroline Hong, is The Power of the Popular (or, All Our Faves Are Problematic) The Honors seminar offers a unique opportunity to work closely with a full-time faculty member and a group of highly motivated and prepared students for two semesters. The seminars are lively and interdisciplinary, and they offer undergraduates an opportunity to pursue advanced research. To get a sense of the range of seminars offered—and the work involved—take a look at previous year’s syllabi.