Alumni Testimonial

Alumnus Ugo Eze

Ugo Eze: Oncology Nurse

My professional career is the furthest thing from a linear trajectory but as English majors, we know that makes for the best stories. After graduating, I was rejected from ten PhD programs! While that was immensely heartbreaking, it was one of the best things that happened for me because I hated reading and writing critical theory with a passion! After that, I worked at Queens College for a while as a Teaching Assistant in the office of the Vice President of Student Affairs. While there, I helped write and publish a book on leadership, entitled “Let The Games Begin: A Guide to Self Exploration and Team Building Activities!” I was then accepted into the Urban Affairs Masters program at QC. Around the same time, I started a job as a copywriter writer for Marc Ecko Enterprises, which was pretty cool. I had always wanted to be in the “industry.”

But it turns out, the industry didn’t want me! So after getting let go from there, I decided to close that chapter in my life. I wanted to do something that spoke to my heart, was more fulfilling for me and had job security. After having a spiritual revelation on the NYC subway, I knew I was going to try and become a nurse. It took years to get there and the journey required everything I had but I made it. I had to take almost all the science courses required and then complete an accelerated nursing program. I did this all, while working and taking care of my elderly father. And in true literary beautiful sadness, my dear father passed away from prostate cancer, one day after I told him that I passed my nursing board exams.

In addition to being a nurse, I have a podcast, “In Search of Hope”, which can be found on major podcast streaming platforms, where we get to share stories of hope and perseverance. Also, my wife and I have also become real estate investors and will continue to grow there as well.

There is a deep link between being an English major and an oncology nurse. Both recognize that everyone has a story and every story eventually ends. But there is beauty between the pages. Both mine and yours. If you want to hear more of my story, check out the podcast or reach out to me on LinkedIn or Instagram @mrugoeze.

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