Alumni Testimonials

Graduate Sahla Zawril

Sahla Zawril: Business Accounts Manager

After graduating with a BA in English I went on to pursue a Master of Arts in Teaching (Elementary Education Grades 1-6). I was also simultaneously working for Apple Inc. as a Business Account Manager. Having an English degree really supported my confidence in hosting briefings with C-Level professionals, presentation, written communication, and so much more. My education degree added more skills to my tool belt such as planning, organization, and managing diversity to name a few.

I was able to be a part of incredible projects that led me to really make an impact through business organizations. I now lead a retail team and oversee the business department at one of Apple’s retail locations. I also get to be a part of employee development and coaching where I find myself utilizing my English degree on a daily basis. Though I didn’t take a traditional path and become a writer or teacher I love what I do. I owe my career to my background in English and Education both of which were possible through the incredible programs at Queens College.

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