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Graduate Lisa Lay

Lisa Lay: Writing Teacher

QC, and especially that magical year of Professor Tougaw’s English Honors, stays fresh in my mind. I draw upon it daily. I tutor college students who need help with writing, mostly English assignments, but also nursing papers, psychology essays, speech writing, you name it. If it has a writing component, I’m there. I most recently worked just down the road from you all, at Queensborough Community College, in their Campus Writing Center. Just as is QC, QCC is fantastically diverse. I worked with students from all over the world, of every age, background and ability. And I loved it!

I just moved to South Florida where every day is Shorts Day. At the start of this next spring semester, I begin work at Barry University’s Writing Center in Miami. One major belief I strive to impart to every student is in their identity as a writer, with a unique and worthy voice. Instilling this most basic confidence is crucial, no matter what field they choose. In my literary theory course at QC, I remember learning the radical idea (from the great Jeff Cassvan) that language affects thought as much as thought creates language. Or something like that.

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