Alumni Testimonial

Kelly Santana: Teacher & Writer

I remember sitting on the rug of my kindergarten class, listening to my teacher read, and realizing I knew what I wanted to do with my life. At the tender age of five, I had already decided what my career goal would be. I’d spend my days racing home from school to set up my chalk board, align my stuffed animals, and teach them what I had just learned. Growing up, all I wanted to do was become an early childhood educator. Born and raised in Queens, I also knew which school would be the perfect start for accomplishing my goal: Queens College. Throughout the years, I never questioned my decision to become an educator, but things changed once I took my first creative writing course.

I’ve always had a love for reading and writing, and after taking my first creative writing course in college, I knew I wanted to study literature and refine my writing skills. In a moment of clarity, taking even me by surprise, I declared my major in English and didn’t look back. I knew it was important for me to explore a hidden passion I had never put much thought into. I’d decided I wanted to focus my time on this specific major because it filled me with a drive and joy I knew was important for me. The QC English program opened up a whole new world I truly enjoyed; one which I hadn’t previously taken the time to notice. Since graduating, I have spent a lot of my time researching the intricacies of publishing and working on my own writing craft. After finishing my day at work at a pediatric doctor’s office, I work on developing my own writing style and ideas. A personal goal of mine is to one day publish my own children’s book.

Moving ahead, I know that my love for English literature and passion for teaching will make a wonderful combination. I plan to start my Masters in Secondary Education this summer at NYU. If not for the wonderful educators at QC who took the time to invest in my own potential, I would have never realized that teaching English would be the perfect career path to take. This program allowed me to learn so much about literature and its importance in our world, and also helped me discover my own voice as a writer. The English Major and Honors Seminar have fully prepared me to move forward in my graduate study and new career path. They not only supplied me with the proper education I needed looking ahead, but also helped me find my true passions in life and fill me with renewed purpose.

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