Alumni Testimonials

Alumnus Jay Kim, Tattoo Artist

Jay Kim: Tattoo Artist & Owner

I’ve always been bad at school. I never knew what I wanted to study in college and spent many years just taking general course after course, hoping to find my place. It wasn’t until I transferred to Queens College that I found a home in the English department. This was a surprise to me because I had been pursuing math and biology before, but after meeting the department and taking a few introductory courses I knew I wanted to finish with an English degree. What truly surprised me though was how much I actually use the skills I acquired as an English major. I now own my own tattoo shop in Manhattan and initially didn’t think my degree did anything to help. However, it’s clear that the close reading skills, professionalism, and writing ability that I honed over the years at Queens have helped me with different contracts, client communication, and even social media posts. I value the English education I received at Queens College even more now and hope to return to the school for a Master’s degree in the future.

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