Degree Requirements and Opportunities

The MFA in Creative Writing and Literary Translation is a 36 credit hour program that emphasizes literary craft and the integration of creative writing with literary studies. Course requirements include a class in literary theory and criticism, two craft/form classes, three literature electives and four writing workshops.  Everyone must take one of the four workshops outside of their genre of focus. Under the guidance of a faculty adviser, each student develops a thesis in the program’s final year: a collection of poetry or fiction, a novel,a full-length play (or collection of one-act plays),  or a translation of a text. In addition, everyone will take an MFA exam in their final semester, based on an extensive reading list. We believe that the study of literature enriches and invigorates your own writing. Most students take three years to complete our program, taking two courses each semester for the first two years, with the final year as a thesis year (one course each semester). Some students complete the program in two years, taking three courses a semester. Our courses are offered in the late afternoons and evenings (primarily at 6:30pm with occasional electives at 4:30) and it is possible to work in the daytime and take classes at night.